Benjamin Noys

Benjamin Noys is a UK-based theorist and critic who teaches at the University of Chichester and writes extensively on contemporary theory, the avant-garde, film, and cultural politics. His previous books are Georges Bataille: A Critical Introduction (2000), The Culture of Death (2005), and The Persistence of the Negative (2010). He has written on the politics of acceleration for Mute Magazine and Nyx, and presented in London, Lisbon, and Brasilia. He blogs at No Useless Leniency.


Accelerated Substance Abuse

It’s very simple to grasp accelerationism. Accelerationism refers to the engagement with forms and forces of technology and abstraction that must, selectively, be accelerated to punch through the limits of a stagnant and inertial capitalism. It’s very difficult to grasp accelerationism. There are multiple forms and types of accelerationism, if that’s even the right name for it. Maybe it would be better called ‘redesigning’, for example, or ‘extrapolation’ . We don’t know yet what accelerationism could do, or be? It may be we need ‘create two, three, many accelerationisms’.