Chris Shambaugh

Chris Shambaugh is entering an MA in Philosophy at The New School for Social Research this autumn. He holds an MSc in Modern Literature from The University of Edinburgh, a BA in Philosophy from the Colorado College, as well as unavoidable premonitions.


Coincidence Engineering: A review of CCRU: Writings 1997-2003

As the consequence of a full century’s research into dynamic models, the significance of prime numbers, Lemurian ethnography, and hyperbolic horror, the recent publication of compiled writings from the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit was certainly unexpected. Those acquainted with the materials assembled here might notice that the peculiarly Gregorian sequence ‘1997-2003’ does not exactly align with more nonlinear accounts of the unit’s activity delivered elsewhere. Furthermore, since the Ccru conceived time as something that (unlike an arrow) always feeds back into itself, the chronological positioning of this work by Time Spiral Press shouldn’t necessarily indicate any ordinary interval, but might be better rendered as the opening of a channel – inviting readers to engage these writings as the time-traveling devices that they are.