Dustin Breitling

Dustin Breitling is an M.A. Student at Charles University studying geopolitics. He organized and collaborated with Vaclav Janoscik and  Mohammad Salemy on the conference Reinventing Horizons held in Prague. he is currently working onan upcoming book with Vitek Bohal entitled Allegorithm.


The Ontology of Finance Redux

“The Ontology of Finance Redux” is an abridged version of Suhail Malik’s long essay “The Ontology of Finance: Price, Power, and the Arkhéderivative” published in Collapse Volume VIII Edited by Robin Mackay. Interweaving the works of Johnathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler, Elena Esposito and Elie Ayache, Malik provides a tour de force critique of the […]