Ivan Niccolai

Ivan Niccolai is a graduate student of political economy at the University of Sydney and is affiliated with the New Centre for Research and Practice. He also works as an IT security architect and holds a Master of IT Management from the University of Wollongong.


A Response to Benjamin Noys’ Critique of Accelerationism

A healthy, vibrant movement is one that invites external critique and operates in dialog with those holding different or opposing views. In short, everything must be open to revision, as long as responding to criticisms does not consume excessive time, leaving those in the movement no time to actually formulate that movement’s positions. Another sign of a credible movement is a solid grounding in the work of the past. If any new concept or movement embodies a kind of synthesis of a long dialog with those who have come before, then movements that proclaim to completely revolutionise thought and give no proper due to previous ideas are to be viewed with great suspicion.