Joan Arnau Pàmies


Joan Arnau Pàmies is a musician currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. His music has been performed internationally by new music specialists such as the Arditti and JACK Quartets, Fonema Consort, Ensemble Dal Niente, ensemble recherche, and Vertixe Sonora Ensemble. Pàmies’ writings have been published by the University of Huddersfield Press, NewMusicBox, Open Space Magazine, and Sul Ponticello. He holds degrees from Northwestern University and the New England Conservatory of Music and has participated in conferences and panels at the Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and Goldsmiths, University of London.


Seven Propositions for the Global

The Seven Propositions About The Global were written after the completion of Produktionsmittel III and were used as program notes for its first public interpretation, which took place at the Ryan Opera Theater in Evanston, Illinois on May 17, 2016. The propositions are incomplete conclusions. These are thoughts that surfaced after having finished Produktionsmittel III, but they require further examination and growth. They represent both the final and the first—in that order—stages of a holistic thought process that permeates a variety of fields of knowledge. One hopes that, while the propositions emerged from an artistically creative activity, they may be repurposed into other contexts, perhaps far from their ontological origin.